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Cruising and Blogging

As we travel through the Exuma islands, we get a lot of this . . .

Bubble Baths at Compass Cay

Bubble Baths at Compass Cay

But not a lot of internet.

I can blog ahead of time and upload my posts — as long as I’m organized.

I can usually find a connection that’s strong enough to support an email connection, but not strong enough to post or reply to comments.

I love to get comments on my blog, and I try to respond to each one, so I have to say it can be frustrating when I receive a comment via email, know it’s on my blog and I can’t respond.

I guess like many, I’ve become accustomed to the immediacy of our lives and when I don’t have it, I feel disconnected.

Then I remember where I am and what I’m doing and laugh at myself. Life is pretty good in the Bahamas.

Thanks for reading . . .

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  1. Glad you guys are having fun! Life’s still pretty windy and rainy here in the Med!


    • It’s getting warmer in the Bahamas and I hope most of the winter cold fronts are over for the season. I think I’ve worn more long pants and long sleeve shirts this year than any other. I’m sure the Med is great even in the wind and rain. Think wine and cheese :)


  2. Compass Cay – It looks like a place I could get used to…very jealous of both of you. Long pants and sleeves – please – come on up to Calgary…somehow I think I could live in shorts where you are now! Safe sailing to you and Matt…You have a reality that many envy … congrats and don’t waste it!


  3. Was in the Bahamas in January for our cruise . . . wish I was still there! Can’t wait for Spring Break next week!


  4. Keep these lovely pictures coming into my Inbox, so I can daydream about trading places with you once in a while! :)



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