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Does Your Writing Give You Nightmares?

This is my latest discovery. I’ve been sailing my Lagoon 380 S2 for three years now and never had a bad dream about it. Well, life changes.

My fourth novel, yet to be named, takes place on a sailboat in the Bahamas. So this week, I’ve been dreaming scary dreams about sailing, and it occurred to me it’s because I’m writing a murder mystery set on a boat.

Bad weather, sailing alone, boat malfunctions, crazy people who try to get on my boat . . . and I’m only 20,000 words in. What’s going to happen by the end?

I wonder what Stephen King or Dean Koontz dream about. It can’t be good.

Has your writing changed what you dream about?

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  1. Not in any way that marked, but what I dream does change my writing quite a bit.


  2. No, my writing hasn’t changed my dreams but it sure can keep me awake at night trying to sort out what next.


    • When that happens I get up and write notes. My husband can now sleep through these episodes and has stopped asking what I’m doing. If I don’t’ write it down, I’ll never remember it the next day.


  3. Oh, yeah, last night I dreamed someone sucked the rainwater out of the dinghy, making it impossible to do my laundry today. I don’t suppose many people have those dreams.


  4. I only dreamed about my main character once, but I’ll never forget it. He was so real, more real than he is even when I write him. I wish that would happen more often!
    That’s actually kind of cool, that you are so involved in your story that it affects your dreams. I bet the writing is stronger for it. :)



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