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Does your dog have a favourite place to sit when you’re sailing?

Farley likes to sit on our trampoline if and only if:

– we are on a beam reach

– the seas are calm

– the engines are off

– the sails are up.

If all of these criteria are not met, he’ll hide down below or in the cockpit. If the seas are rough, he has a spot in the cockpit where he can brace himself on all four sides. If it’s rough enough for us (the humans) to be tethered to the boat, then Farley wears a tether too. He has his own harness, tether and life jacket.

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  1. Sam likes to hang out down here while I’m writing. Do landlubbers count?


  2. I’ve heard cats help you write just as well as dogs help. A little love and comfort goes a long way when it comes to getting motivated to work.


  3. I hit enter too quick. I’m wondering how you type with a cat on your lap. That sounds like you need a bit of dexterity.


    • The one on my lap is no problem, but the one on my shoulders can make it hard to type if he decides to start rubbing his head against mine, It’s all part of the love and comfort!


  4. Sounds like Farley is quite a sailor! I like that you keep him in a harness, very thoughtful. :)



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