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Farley’s Friday: Heat Makes A Wheaten Tired

Farley Here,

I think summer is coming to the Bahamas and the heat is exhausting. Kristina makes me get up early to go for a run. She says this is for me – ha ha – so that I don’t overheat. I know who it’s really for, and I don’t like to get up early.

A Farley Sleeping

As you can see, the rest of the day is spent napping :)


Woof Woof


ps. I know it’s Saturday but Kristina said the we had not internet access yesterday, so Farley’s Friday is one day late…

Character Development

I’m excited to say I’ve added a new spreadsheet to my box of writing tools.

Getting to know new characters, or even existing characters, is exciting.

For each scene, I ask the POV character the following questions and then answer in their first person voice:

  • How did you get into the predicament you’re in?
  • What do you want?
  • Why do you want it?
  • How did you feel when (insert disaster or setback here) happened?
  • What are you going to do next?

The questions open my mind to new ideas and remind me to keep character personalities consistent.

Do you ask your characters questions to get to know them?

Thanks for reading . . .


Farley’s Friday: My Human Came Home

Farley here,

My human is home.

Playing on the beach, I heard a noise. I know that voice, I thought. I looked left, looked right and there she was. Yay.

Farley Greets Tina

I’m was soooo happy I jumped on her. Now, I’m not allowed to jump on people, but I could see Kristina felt guilty about leaving me, so she hugged me instead of telling me to sit. I still don’t get where she went. Humans are strange sometimes.

Life is good again.


Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: One Sad and Lonely Wheaten Terrier

Farley here,

I’m soooo sad. I don’t understand what’s happened. My human is gone. Where? I just don’t know.

I watched her leave. She got in a dinghy of humans I don’t know very well, left our boat, and waved goodbye.

“Wait,” I bark. “Where are you going?”

I’m very suspicious because she has a suitcase with her. That can’t be good.  And look how pathetic I look trying to get her to stay.

Farley sad


I howl my best howl, and she waves and tells me to be good.

Matt, my other human, whom I love, but he doesn’t baby me like Kristina does, is doing his best to keep me happy. I didn’t eat dinner the first night. I thought that might make Matt get her back, but when that didn’t work, I ate anyway. I was just too hungry. I’ll need to try something else to make Matt understand.

But where – oh – where is Kristina?

And when will she come home? Matt keeps saying soon, but what does that mean? I’m soooo sad.

Woof Woof, Boo Hoo.

The Audacity of Reading a Novel Aloud

I’m testing both Garageband and Audacity to determine which one is better for creating podcast. So far Audacity is winning.

With the new Mac operating system, the help files are stored online and not on the Mac itself. For people connected 24/7 to the internet, this might be okay. For me, not so much. While living on my sailboat, I’m often not connected and can’t get access to the help files.

This is particularly frustrating when learning a new software program like Garageband. So on the advice of my fellow blogger, Kirsten at A Scenic Route,  I tried Audacity.

The help files come with the program, so I don’t have to have internet access. The noise reduction function works very well. The help files give tips on how to speak into a microphone. The basic functions are easy to learn.

So, Goodbye Garageband. Hello Audacity.

On the proofreading side of things, I discovered creating a podcast of written text helps find errors. A lovely added bonus when trying to perfect work.

Thanks for reading . . .

Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten and A Springer on an Africat

Farley here,

So Kristina left the dock in a dingy. Matt went to help a friend. So what’s A dog to do, I ask you. I’m alone on my Lagoon 380 getting bored.

I look over to the other dock, and there’s Jasper, wagging his tail, egging me on.

“Come over here,” he barks.

“I’m not allowed,” I answer.

“Why not?”

I think about that for a memento. Nothing comes to mind.

I jump off Mattina, and yeah I know Kristina told me to stay, but in my defence, I can only remember a command for few minutes. Then my brain gets distracted.

I run over to Jasper’s boat and get on board.

Then I remember I might get in trouble. Luckily there’s a cubby hole where the Africat people store life jackets and other things. I jump in, thinking it’s a great place to hide.


As you can see, busted! The human on the next boat saw me, took my photo and sent it to Kristina.

She loves me and smiled. She said, “At least you chose a boat with a dog.”

Woof Woof.

Women Sailing A Lagoon 380

We were out the other day sailing our Lagoon 380 with friends. There’s nothing like sailing in 15 knots off the beam in flat seas. Mattina sailed at 8.5 knots over ground.

I had to laugh at this photo of me and what the wind does to my hair. It’s a good think a person can’t see themselves most of the time.

Sailing in between Stocking Island and George Town give us lots of opportunity to tack and gibe. A piece of cake on our lagoon as she’s a catamaran and the boat stays flat during sail maneuvers.

Tina at winch

Anyway, sailing is everything about speed over ground and nothing about looks.

Thanks for reading . . .


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